Ugo Petronin

Born 1985 in Aix-en-Provence, France

Lives and works in Rotterdam


My current research at the Piet Zwart Institute focuses on image-making. I build and use shutter-less cameras or I deregulate existing ones to make my images. With existing cameras, I use the rewinding mechanism to pull the film behind the aperture, with the shutter open. The resulting strip-photographs are then used as material for my videos. My latest film “Abiding” (2019) has been selected by the Eye Film Institute as part of their experimental catalogue. With this film, I worked on the convergence of two historically and culturally determined categories: the photographic and the filmic. How can these two medias be merged, weaved or bridged to create new representations and reflections on realities? I try to deregulate those categories by putting into question the sequential recording and the frame by frame ideology found in photographic and cinematographic processes. With the strip-photography technique, the movement of the film and the continuous influx of light dissolved both the center of perspective and the spaces between frames. In this attempt to record without division, objects and subjects lose their solidity and oscillate between abstraction and figuration.


How can recording processes ruled by stillness and fragmentation be twisted to explore the hypothetical fluidity and continuity of reality? Does the metaphor of fluidity help us understand and express our experiences of life? How does the fluidity of images and the images of fluidity influence our perception of the world? 


Eye Film Institute Netherlands– Selected Artist Experimental Film Catalogue 2019



2018-2020        Master              Fine Art & Design: Lens Based Media, Piet Zwart Institute, NL

2017-2018        Bachelor            Film Theory & Practice, Aix-Marseille University, FR 

2017                Short Course    Contemporary Photography Theory- The Photographer’s Gallery, UK

2016                 Short Course     Storytelling for filmmaking– Goldsmiths University, UK

2006-2008        DipHE              Sociology & Anthropology, Aix-Marseille University, FR



2019                                          Stichting Bekker-la Bastide-Fonds: Study Scholarship 2019-2020

2019                                           Eye ResearchLabs 2019- Shortlisted Best Work – “Abiding”  

2013                                         Winner International Photography CompetitionNOKIA x DAZED & CONFUSED



2019                                            Expanding Bauhaus #03– Goethe Institute Netherlands, Rotterdam

2019                                            Miasma II– Collective Screening x Royal College of Art, London

2019                                            Eye Research Labs 2019- Eye Film Institute Netherlands, Amsterdam

2019                                            Miasma I– Collective Screening x Royal College of Art, Rotterdam



2019     Co-Curator:                  Miasma I & II, Moving Image Program, Rotterdam & London

2018     Visual Design:              An Odyssey, Orang Collective, Omnibus Theatre, London

2017     Visual Researcher:        XY Chealsea, Feature documentary dir. Tim Travers Hawkins, NY

2017     Photographer:               Design Unlimited, Portraits of Deyan Sudjic, London Design Museum

2016     Visual Design:              The Archeologist, Short Animation dir. Tim Travers Hawkins, London

2016     Music Video:                 Deepwater, Performed by Shine Like The Sun, London

2013     Fashion Film:                Day Tripper, For Antithesis, Co-Directed by Tim Travers Hawkins, London

2013     Videos:                         Rumour & Reflexion, Luna Ensemble, Theatre Festival Bvlrd, NL

2012     Cameraman:                 Kate Tempest Show, Old Vic Theatre, London